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The Shotliffs

We’re so glad you’re here!

We are Chris and Sam Shotliff, the owners of The Bailiwick! (Bay-lee-Wick)

We have been the owners since spring of 2018, but we have MANY years of experience serving others in both hospitality and events.

We really love what we do and hope that we can share our love for weddings with you on your special day!

We have been together for twelve years and married for 7 of them. We have two beautiful little girls and a little boy on the way! We live locally with our kids and our canine kids! We have an 11 year old Dachshund and a German Shepherd puppy!


Sam has spent the last 5 years home engineer raising their two little girls, and soon to be little boy! Through college, she would bartend on the side and really enjoyed the fun atmosphere. From there, she began working in the wedding industry! Originally just bartending, it turned into setting up the venue for weddings and meeting with the wedding couples to organize their weddings. Adding to that, she began running the events and making sure that everything went smoothly for the wedding couples! Four years later, they own the wedding venue and are loving every minute of it! As Chris is the people person, Sam is the people pleaser! She is all about making their clients happy! She is the behind the scenes organizer and the one that will be helping to make your day rock! You can expect her to be at EVERY event ensuring that you get what you want and that your event runs as smooth as possible.


Chris is a Medford native and a Superintendent at Sierra Pacific Industries here in Medford, WI. On the weekends, he is the muscle behind the business helping with all the heavy duty hard things. He also loves slinging drinks behind the bar for all of our events! Chris is the real people person, he loves meeting new people, making friends, and socializing! When he isn’t working at his day job or The Bailiwick, there is a good chance you’ll find him snuggling his two little girls, fishing on lakes up North, watching and playing football, bowling, and socializing with his friends!